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Little Atoms round up (the poetic justice edition)

Extremism in the aftermath of 7/7, the plagiarism plague in poetry, new literature and Ancient Greek references explained

This week we look at when poetic license goes a step too far, ten years after 7/7 how extremists on all sides have attacked London, Neil Denny chats to Contributing Editor at Monocle Andrew Mueller and the academic, philosopher and journalist Dylan Evans to discuss their newest releases and we explain the origins of all the Ancient Greek references in the news.

Poetry has a plagiarism problem

An internet sleuth has uncovered a murky world of stolen lines and rhymes, raising big questions about identity and authenticity

Ten years on: 7/7, terror, and extremism

Jihadists and white supremacists share the same apocalyptic vision, and both groups have attacked London

Podcast: Dylan Evans and Andrew Mueller

Neil Denny chats to Dylan Evans and Andrew Mueller about music, memoirs and microcommunities

The Little Atoms guide to news report Greek myth references

Haven't had the benefit of a classical education? Baffled by the endless myth references in coverage of the Greece crisis? We're here to help

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