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What happens when you put the tweets of real poets through a random Twitter poetry generator

Turns out you get some quite good poetry. Or do you?

Poetweet is an enormously fun website, developed by the b_arco cultural centre in Sao Paolo, which  transforms a user’s tweets into poems. The scary thing is that most of the poems it generates seem well, quite good. We thought we’d see what happened when we used the Twitter accounts of some of real-life UK-based poets to generate new poems through Poetweet. What happens next will...etc etc. Be sure to have a look at the real poets’ websites for the real thing. Oh and try Poetweet.

1. Ian McMillan

Ian McMillan is (literally) one of the best-known voices in British poetry, thanks to frequent radio appearances. Read more about Ian here and follow him at @IMcMillan.

I thought

by Ian McMillan (not really)

Room next door lighting cigarettes.

Postmodernism in action

Podcast on Viral litotes!

Of species: heaveolution.

Looked like his dad in the mirror.

Station, Platform Severe.

Squashed quiff horror

Same here!

A Hirst's pork pie in Knaresborough

Me soon

Getting lighter though!

Pearson, lighting up the afternoon!

Never enough

2. Sabrina Mahfouz

Sabrina Mahfouz is a poet, playwright and performer. Her latest book is The Clean Collection: Play And Poems. Follow her at @SabrinaMahfouz.

Civilian casualties

by Sabrina Mahfouz (not really)

- the Arabic 'faded' illegible

No judgement on you at all x love

On domestic violence is terrible:

Parliament yesterday via bad move

At best, terrifying at times...

An event to put hope in my heart.

Thanks James!

Ur way to for with music comedy art

Isn't online/in print yet but soon!

As boys to remove that signage'

For with at on sat afternoon:

Equality Illusion / Living Dolls.

Again because you chose the sand'

Flesh, far far too many smells.

3. Salena Godden

Salena Godden’s memoir Springfield Road was published in October 2014. Read more of her musings at and follow her at @salenagodden.


by Salena Godden (not really)

Clay pots in the Thames tide...


I realised I was going inside...

So much, can you adopt me please!

Follow for a good place to start!

Cheese and cheese just in case

Support this brilliant crowd fund!

W/ UK kids & refugee children

4. Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe is Chief Librarian at the Poetry Library (which you should visit to see its amazing shelving system. And all the poems, obviously). His latest collection is Speculatrix. He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter at @mccabio.

In November

by Chris McCabe (not really)

Declan Ryan for at this evening:

Died the year of Beatles Revolver

I'm going!

For everything, even a hangover

Of what I get up to at night!

To make an appearance possible!

And then also bought

Tour, places still available:

Round-of-applause for May though

As the curry improves with age...

Crate of Budweiser will be enough

You're taking part in the event!

With the best drinking companions!

In 170AD history would be different

5. Amy Key

Amy Key’s first collection was Luxe, a "magnificent spree in a bric-a-brac shop”. Most recently, she edited Best Friends Forever for the Emma Press (which produces very beautiful books). Read more at, and follow Amy at @msamykey.

Try again

by Amy Key (not really)

& I was grateful for that

ahhh that's what she said...

Got a legend of Zelda beanie hat

In a little castle brick is laid

My notes on poem 'Hello beautiful'

Glad they're a good place to start

Last year <3 I am very grateful

Put a lovely lightness in my heart

Can't afford submittable

Fully endorsed


Like I need them to stay closed?

Match 'yellow Formica table'"

6. Sarah Hesketh

Sarah Hesketh’s most recent collection is The Hard Word Box, the result of acting as poet-in-residence in a care home for people with dementia. Read more of Sarah’s work here, and follow her on twitter at @slhesketh.

Our time

by slhesketh (not really)

Thanks for sharing Alice!

Bit of Martin's work with Bettine.

Love to actually hear her voice.

From frozen bread you were raised.

I spoke to the about and

That's why it has self organised.'

Sid it was in a furniture shop.

Bag stuffing for in progress

7. Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest is probably the best known young performance poet in the UK today, having both won the Ted Hughes Prize and been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Read more about Kate at and follow her at @katetempest.

This forever

by kate tempest (not really)

On at 7.30 us on at 8.50 tonight

And I've loved every minute

John snow on c4 news last night

Nice one guys. Salute

From but if u only want parables

This will be dope...

Up to mailing list to get presales!

Gonna love this record :) I hope

WOLVES out tomorrow anditsFREE!

Tho, it will speak for itself

A lot get a copy see if u agree?

THERE? you should definitely come

Nice photo ”

Love coming home

8. Katy Evans-Bush

Katy Evans-Bush was born in New York and now lives in east London. As well as being a poet, Katy is on Orwell-Prize shortlisted blogger, who writes at Baroque In Hackney. Follow her at @KatyEvansBush.

Interesting things

by Katy Evans-Bush (not really)

Thank you, any updates?

He writes, and hs poetry advice.

Thanks for the favourites,

Turns out to be really obnoxious.

We think. Wider picture Sheenagh.

David Starkey is so hilarious

To Stamford Hill. I'm dripping...

2015. We shall see. #passionplanner

9. Tom Chivers

Tom Chivers is a poet and producer, and runs publishing house Penned In The Margins. His most recent collection is Flood Drain. He has never worked for the Daily Telegraph or Buzzfeed. Follow him at @thisisyogic.

About conflict

by Tom Chivers (not really)

& I can play my music loud.

Your bedside). #corollaries

Again, a few years older SO PROUD!

Merry Christmas my dears

Been informed it ain't by her!

For me, to shame the little beggars

Glossy locks, such tactical flair

Have responded. Shame, many duped!

10. George Szirtes

George Szirtes was born in Hungary in 1948. He was one the TS Eliot Prize, the Faber Prize and “some Hungarian ones”. He blogs at Follow George on twitter at @george_szirtes.

RE master

by George Szirtes (not really)

It's Still Raining, read aloud...

A la Licorne. (Simple conventions?)

Yes, the night and the wind loud.

Welcome and congratulations

Theodore Roethke reading his...

The arms, the hands. The fingers.

The 2nd RT - the one before this.

I haven't. Your father's?

The chance. Please remain seated.

Far he had failed to be himself.

Business, a villanelle redrafted

They claimed to have the clout...

What mortal ever heard...

I'll search them out.

Go to to unleash your inner poet

All images: Twitter

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