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Support Resonance FM, with Stewart Lee, Daniel Kitson and Little Atoms

The world's greatest radio statio has four fun-packed fundraisers coming up in the next few weeks

Naked in the Library is a new talk show in which interesting people talk freely about things in public before a live audience. The topic of the first show is sex, and features Cosmo Landesman (Sunday Times), Little Atoms contributor Jamie Bartlett (The Dark Net), Zoe Apostolides (Erotic Review), and host Biz. On Tuesday 14 April at 7pm at The Library, 112 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4BD. Tickets are £5 and are available here.

Neil Denny of  Little Atoms curates Science Showoff at The Star of Kings on Tuesday 21 April at 7pm, featuring nine of his favourite contemporary science voices:Steve Cross, Monika Bohm, Carl Murray, Helen Scales, Simon Watt, Andrea Hart, Shoshana Weider, Claire Asher, Dan Schreiber, Helen Keen and Tracy King. Tickets are £6 and are available here.

Tin Can Review hosts its second 2015 fundraising concert at The Green Note, Camden, onWednesday 3 June at 7pm, featuring Anna Mitchell, Dan Whitehouse and James Hodder.Tickets are £9 and are available here.

Resofit is at The Bloomsbury Theatre on Monday 15 June at 7.30pm. It's an evening of comedy, music and art with Stewart Lee and Daniel Kitson plus very special guests. Tickets are £20 and are available here.

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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