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This infographic shows why Britain needs a Suffragette statue in Parliament Square

Important infrographic alert: Dozens of high-profile British women, including Emma Watson, JK Rowling, Caitlin Moran, Natasha Walter, and many more, have written a letter asking that new London mayor Sadiq Khan places a statue in tribute the Suffragette movement in Parliament Square, where some of British democracy's greatest figures are honoured.

Tracy King (a friend of and contributor to Little Atoms) and campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez, who co-ordinated the letter, have made this infographic illustrating exactly the need for a prominent statue in the square.

King told Little Atoms: After seeing Caroline field the same questions on Twitter over and over, I decided to make a simple visual guide as a handy response. Social media is picture-oriented, after all. It's for those who don't understand 'why statues' or 'why Parliament Sq'. There are of course those who object to celebrating women's suffrage entirely, but that's a whole other infographic.

Terrifying fact to take away: there are more statues to men named John then there are to non-fictional, non-royal women. A state of affairs Sadiq Khan could go some way to improving.

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