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Podcast, Society 25/04/2017

Little Atoms podcast 461: Neil Wood's Good Cop, Bad War

Life inside Britain's biggest drug gangs 

Neil Woods was an undercover cop whose brief was to infiltrate Britain’s most dangerous drug gangs. Starting out in the early 90s and making the rules up as he went, Neil was at the forefront of police surveillance. He quickly earned a name as the most successful operative of his time and his expertise was called upon by drugs squads around the country to tackle an ever growing problem. But after years on the streets, spending time with the vulnerable users at the bottom of the chain, Neil began to question the seemingly futile war he was risking both his life and sanity for. 

Good Cop, Bad War is an intense account of the true effects of the War on drugs and a gripping insight into the high-pressure world of British undercover policing.

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