Please consider donating to help make Little Atoms a better podcast


Dear Little Atoms Listeners,

For a few months now we have been soliciting opinions about Little Atoms via a Survey linked on our homepage. Hundreds of people have taken the time to fill in the survey at the time of writing, and the most surprising thing about the responses, both positive and negative, is their uniformity. You really do love the show! its format, us presenters, and the wide and varied range of guests we interview. These comments are amazing and were incredibly satisfying to read.

Almost all the negative comments we receive are to do with technical aspects of the show: The varying recording and sound quality, the irregularity of podcasts, the awfulness of this website...

In 2012 We'd like to tackle all of these problems, and take the quality of Little Atoms to the next level, but to do this we really need your help. At the moment all costs associated with the show are paid for out of my pocket. I'd love to invest in some new recording equipment and microphones, and invest in a new website, but I simply cannot afford to, Hence this appeal.

The podcasts and our archive are free, and will always remain so. This is something that all the presenters of the show are uniformly committed to, but please consider making a one-off donation to help us improve Little Atoms over the next few months. Any money raised will be used solely for the purposes of Improving and running the show. Any donations will be most gratefully received!

Thankyou for your help, and for continuing to listen to and support our show.

Neil Denny