" Science is organized common sense where many a beautiful theory was killed by an ugly fact". - Thomas Huxley

Dr Anthony Daniels AKA Theodore Dalrymple

Dr Anthony Daniels is a recently retired doctor and psychiatrist formerly working in a hospital and prison in Birmingham, England. Writing under the pen name Theodore Dalrymple, he is a prolific author of numerous essays and opinion pieces carried in the Wall Street Journal, Cato Institute, The Spectator, Daily Telegraph, New Criterion, City Journal and New English Review. his books include Life at the Bottom, Our Culture, What's Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses, Romancing Opiates: Pharmacological Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy, and In Praise of Prejudice: The Necessity of Preconceived Ideas.

First broadcast on 17th April 2009.

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