Syria Notes

Syria Notes is published by the Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Friends of Syria. Syria Notes is not an official publication of the House of Commons or the House of Lords, and it has not been approved by either House or its committees. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed in Syria Notes are those of the group or of individual contributors.


Exile or death: Assad’s campaign against East Ghouta

The regime is choking an area near Damascus, in what the UN has called a return to some of the bleakest days of the conflict

Assad’s Torture Chiefs


Brian Slocock explains the Syrian regime’s security apparatus


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Unconditional support for the Kurdish YPG could have long-term conseqeunces


For refugees, no future in Lebanon, and little hope of a return home


Irish Senator Ivana Bacik recalls her experience of religious leaders spreading propaganda