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Little Atoms weekly roundup (the brilliant friend edition)

Garry Trudeau versus Charlie Hebdo, Elena Ferrante versus Italy, Islamic State versus Twitter, and Christopher Bollen, er, not fighting anyone

Elena Ferrante versus Italy

While the rest of world waxes lyrical about the work of Elena Ferrante, Cristina Marconi looks at why Italy can’t bring itself to applaud of one of its most successful contemporary writers and finds a pool of sexism lurking underneath.

Charlie Hebdo: you know nothing, Garry Trudeau

We are not all Charlie as one cartoonist’s take on the atrocities in Paris fails to stand up for satire

Twitter's war on ISIS

As Twitter fights a data war against ISIS, how does the social network’s "weapons division" control our ability to speak openly in 140 characters or less?

Interview: Christopher Bollen

On the Little Atom’s podcast, Neil Denny interviews Christopher Bollen, the Editor at Large at Interview Magazine, on his latest book Orient


In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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